4 Reasons to Avoid Cat GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are usually on cat collars. But cats are sensitive to anything uncomfortable or thick around their necks, so they scratch or try to remove the tracker.

Tracker replacement expenses must also be addressed if lost or damaged. Multiple pets can rack up monthly subscription bills.

Veterinarians and animal shelters can scan your cat's microchip, a permanent identification device. This ensures your cat's identify is constantly available. 

Your cat's collar can hold the lightweight Apple AirTag tracking device. It locates your cat via Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband. For tracking, additional Apple devices must be nearby.

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Tile is a little Bluetooth-enabled cat collar tracker. It needs additional Tile devices nearby for monitoring, like AirTag. However, range and dependability have increased recently.

A catio lets your cat play outside without getting lost or hurt. Catios are safe and appealing for outdoor cats due to their variety of sizes and styles

Give your cat lots of toys and activities to keep them entertained inside. A cat paradise makes your indoor cat happy. 

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