4th july White French Tip Nail Designs

White French nail art is here, so stop searching! However, choosing the white tip doesn't mean you're limited to just one type of manicure.

This nail texture is awesome. The white patterns offer a touch of sophistication and modernity to what seems to be a simple traditional design from a distance. 

This timeless manicure is ideal for those who want their nails short. If you want a clean edge at the tips of your nails, apply press-ons or nail paint. Use a foundation of peachy pink and finish with a thin coat of white polish.

French nail tips don’t have to be plain! Add gems, polka dots, hearts, anything! Mix up the basic color—it might be opaque.

Press-on nails are great for home french manicures! It makes straight white lines and attractive nail patterns like this heart simple. If you clip them short, no one will know they're fake.

Another gorgeous French manicure with press-ons! I love Olive and June press-on nails! They're simple to make and formal-looking.

Add rhinestones or diamonds to a plain nail! A white horizontal line is a quick, uncomplicated glitter manicure.

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