7 things your cat wants you to know.

A cat that is happy "often shows relaxed body language, purring, kneading, and slow blinking." They purr when they want to be touched or when they feel safe and secure

Your pet may make similar noises while napping. If so, it may be a great dream or a health issue. Relaxed throat muscles during sleep might cause snoring or purring.

Your cat is angry when he hisses. Hissing is usually defensive, indicating fear, discomfort, or a desire to set limits. A hissing cat may bite or scratch you, therefore the animal expert warns against approaching.

Hunger, attention-seeking, and disease can cause excessive meowing. Identifying the cause isn't always easy, but cats are drama queens.

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Some cats appear to be meowing but don't produce a sound. ‘A silent meow may be caused to vocal cord difficulties or when your cat wishes to speak quietly,’

Besides meowing, cats make chirps and chattering noises. Random squarks can indicate enthusiasm, playfulness, or attention, whereas excessive vocalization can indicate separation anxiety in cats.

Each cat has its own lexicon and customs, but some owners discover that their cat seems displeased when roused up from a snooze.

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