Amazing Velcro Cat Breeds That Cuddle All Day

LaPerm Their lovely curls match their charming personality. LaPerms are sweet and friendly, and many want to watch movies on laps.

Ocicat Confident Ocicats are ideal for families with other pets and children. They run to welcome owners at the entrance and get along with most people. 

Serengeti Serengeti cats are still active and energetic, so if you want a couch potato cat, keep that in mind. 

Selkirk Rex One form of Selkirk has long hair, while the other has short hair. Both have curls, but long fur shows them more. Some Selkirk kittens are born without curls.

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People have strong dog and cat opinions. They have quite contrasting personalities, like oil and water.

 We'll admit it—that's not true. Cats are unfairly labeled aloof and unpredictable. 

Many cats are as devoted and faithful as dogs. Many breeds are good household pets like dogs! 

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