Bad News for Iced Coffee lovers

Most iced coffee drinks aren't as strong as regular coffee because of all the sugary stuff added to them. This means it should be better for us

Well, it doesn't look like that's true. Which? found that iced coffee drinks from high street coffee places have a lot of sugar in them. 

Some "regular-sized" or "medium" drinks have so much sugar in them that they have more sugar than the maximum amount of sugar an adult should have in a day

I have bad news for you if you like Starbucks Frappuccinos. One of the worst drinks was the Starbucks grandé Java Chip Frappuccino with soy milk

A Belgian chocolate and hazelnut frappè crème (oat milk) from Caffè Nero had 44.5 grams of sugar, while a chocolate fudge brownie frappè mocha 

Some drinks made with cow milk had sugar from lactose, which is a sugar that happens naturally. There are 5g of lactose per 100ml of cow's milk.

One problem with sugary iced drinks is that shops don't show how much sugar they have. The law says that shops must show how many calories

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