Do cats have owners? Learn about their carers.

Many cat owners consider their pets family, and the relationship between people and cats has grown beyond mutualism. However, cats have always been seen as autonomous

Cats may be more emotionally sophisticated than dogs, having a larger spectrum of emotions and better empathy, according to some studies.

Cats are independent and aloof, but they can build close ties with their caregivers. We can better respect and care for cats 

Cats are independent, yet they still want human company. Many cats develop strong bonds to their caregivers and become sad when separated. This bond stems from the cat's territoriality and demand for routine.

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Not necessarily. Cats are frequently regarded of being less gregarious and friendly than dogs. Many cats build strong social relationships with their human caregivers and show affection in many ways.

Train and obey are another major distinction between cat and dog ownership. Dogs have long worked with people and are trained for hunting, herding, and guiding

Many cat owners consider their pets family. What makes cats so lovable? Science explains cats' attachment with their caregivers.

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