Best Emotional Support Dog Breed

For those on the fence regarding dog ownership and struggling with mental health, dogs can provide companionship and reduce loneliness, despair, and anxiety

Because of its "cuddlebug" reputation, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a popular assistance dog. These loving companion dogs are fast to learn and eager to please.

The King Charles was a royal favorite, but they don't mind being with you, whether you're on a long stroll or cuddling on the couch. They make great depression and PTSD companions.

Pugs, the "clowns" of dogs, charm everyone with their human-like expressions and playful nature. Pugs are friendly and great emotional support animals for most illnesses.

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Well-mannered and even-tempered, these little, lovely friends are great with kids.

The Standard Poodle : These medium-sized, regal canines are smart, obedient, trainable, and great mental health companions.

Working standard poodles adore challenges, exercise, and any surroundings.

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