Is Walking Better for Weight Loss Than Running?

Numerically, weight loss is simple: Burn more calories than you eat. Running burns more calories, so it seems easier.

Walking is better for beginners, seniors, and people with injuries than running since it puts the least stress on your joints

“This effect means intense exercise like running can increase calories burned during and after your workout,”. “HIIT workouts, which combine running intervals with walking, can also have the same effect.”

Walking at different speeds burns 2-8 MET—or oxygen burned by breathing. Running burns 8-18 MET.

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Running is more efficient and faster at getting into high-intensity interval training zones, although walking can be done if you have joint concerns.

Walking is a fantastic activity with numerous benefits, but running offers faster weight loss. More exercise is better than none. Walking is a great weight-loss workout if you like it and do it more. 

Know that you're on the correct track whether you walk or run to lose weight. Both offer advantages and may help you lose weight. Consider your age, health, and preferences before choosing an exercise.

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