Least Obedient Dog Breed

Originally bred to guard royalty in Japan, Akitas were also used for hunting wild game. Although they are affectionate pups 

Akitas are also known for having complex personalities, which makes them a challenge for obedience training. 

Like other terriers, the Lakeland terrier is a bold, energetic dog that needs a lot of exercise and attention. 

They're intelligent dogs that get bored easily with repetition, so it is best to keep training sessions in short increments.  

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Although Lhasa apsos look like beautiful little lap dogs, they're one of the toughest and strong-willed canines of the smaller dog breed group.  

Bull terriers are friendly, exuberant dogs that are often compared to toddlers for their naughty behavior. 

the Great Pyrenees are also stubbornly independent and question authority if confidence is not shown early in their training. 

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