Most common dog owner mistakes

Always giving them treats Overusing treats may make your dog only want food!

Leave your puppy in a hot car Within minutes, a car's temperature can kill your dog.

Waiting to punish your dog Addressing bad conduct quickly is crucial. Dogs can only associate a punishment with a behavior if administered immediately. 

Strong cleaning chemicals Cleaning products like bleach and ammonia can harm pets. When they walk on damp surfaces, their paws can absorb these pollutants.

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Overfeeding dogs Using food to show your dog affection can backfire. There are other ways to love your dog without causing obesity.

Teaching your dog Trying to teach your dog right from wrong rarely works. Dogs like immediate, clear stimuli, positive or negative. Give these immediately.

Never letting your dog off-leash Active dogs need lots of exercise and off-leash play. Puppy, run!

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