7th July Nails in Blue Shades

This olive and june color makes me feel like I'm floating on cloud nine. A flash of electric blue can enliven any ensemble.

Glam up your blue manicure by adding sparkle.

These blue denim fingernails are as versatile as they come. Olive, June CNH, and Pink Goldfish are the colors.

This is such a great winter look! The combination of the dark blue color and the tiny sparkling specks makes me think of a snowy night.

Your fingernails can be more than one shade of blue. Use pastel shades of blue and gray to fill up the sky.

Leaving for the beach? Create a nude nail design by painting some nails with an accent color and dotting them with that color.

These lovely blue butterfly stickers will elevate any manicure to the next level. Use them to create a simple yet polished blue French manicure.

Create a gradient from one shade of blue to another by switching the base color on each finger and then making a dot with the other colour. Using a dotting tool makes the process much quicker and simpler.

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