Rarest Dog Breeds of All Time

These are the best rare dog breeds for those hoping to avoid adding yet another golden retriever to their clan.  

A rare dog breed from Malaysia, the Telomian is small to medium in size, stocky and athletic. They're noted for their unique bluish tongue 

The Catalburun is so unique because of its unusual double nose and low-set ears, but both traits are the result of severe inbreeding.  

Despite the unusual appearance and potential health issues, the Catalburun is bright, loving and excellent at tracking animals.  

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New Guinea singing dogs originated from wild dogs, and while they can be domesticated, most puppies available are just a few generations away from their wild roots. 

It takes an experienced handler to raise a New Guinea singing dog, and they should never be kept in homes with other pets.  

The Teddy Roosevelt terrier is known for being a one-person kind of dog. While he gets along quite well with other pets and kids 

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