Tarot Card Predictions for October 12, 2023

The Fool (Reversed) This card advises caution and avoidance of impulsivity. It warns that hasty decisions may cause problems, so proceed carefully today.

Magician This card suggests using your talents to achieve your goals. Today is your chance to realize your dreams, therefore believe in yourself and seize possibilities.

“The High Priestess” card represents insight and inner understanding. Trust your instincts today—they may guide you

In reverse, “The Lovers” card suggests relationship issues or decisions. Maintaining open communication and making values-based decisions is crucial.

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“The Tower” symbolizes dramatic change. It may appear scary, but these adjustments are supposed to break down old systems and allow for personal growth and evolution

“The Star” inspires and gives hope. It brings hope and purpose. Enjoy increased self-confidence and inner peace today.

“The Hierophant” card symbolizes tradition, spirituality, and knowledgeable advice. Consult a trusted friend or investigate your spirituality

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