The best quarterback rooms in NFL history

The NFL has seen a number of memorable quarterback depth charts. A handful of teams have rostered multiple Hall of Famers. Here are the best QB rooms in league history.

The Steelers used O'Donnell, Tomczak and Stewart as their primary starters from 1995-97, letting O'Donnell walk as a 1996 free agent and giving Stewart 

. Ahead of McNabb's 11th season in Philly, Andy Reid signed Vick, who was coming off his two-year prison term for his role in the infamous dogfighting scandal.  

One of those became Brunell, a 1993 fifth-rounder. Brunell joined a QB room already housing former Heisman winner Ty Detmer 

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This duo did not age particularly well, but it must be included for its 2017 performance. Wentz delivered what turned out to be an outlier sophomore season 

Luckman remains the greatest QB in Bears history by a wide margin, but near the end of his career, the four-time NFL champion ceded his starting spot to Lujack.  

Reborn under Jim Harbaugh, Smith won a duel with Drew Brees in a divisional-round epic to advance to the 2011 NFC championship game. 

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