Three Zodiacs Who Bring Karma to All

As expected, the emblem of justice and balance brings karma to those who see it. 

Libra is a mirror, so if you're afraid of what you see, you should reflect and improve. They're merely matching your energy. Libra can heal or destroy—you decide. 

This scorpion uses its powerful stinger to deter predators, manipulators, and bullies. Scorpio, you know the dark side of human nature, especially your own

You predict your enemy's counterattack before they can plan. You plan with lethal precision how to bring down all your detractors

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Despite the myth that Sagittarius never holds a grudge, they are picky about the ones they ardently hold onto forever.

Sometimes their vehemence gets the best of them. But how they react to people who try them is often justified. We recommend avoiding this fire warning unless you want a big burn

Unless words are enough, they'll find a way to get what you took while returning your energy tenfold. If you're on their good side, you'll feel their lively energy healing your soul and spirits. 

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