Top Minimalist Nail Art Designs for july 2023

As july 2023 begins, I'm intrigued about the major nail trends. Twenty-twenty-two saw several nail art trends, from the Hailey Bieber

With healthy hair, clean girl aesthetic, and self-care at an all-time high, minimalist nail designs will be ubiquitous in 2023.

"Cue the drama," "not for the faint of heart," and "go big or go home" don't apply to 2023 nail designs.

Monochrome, abstract, negative space, and geometric lines will dominate this year. Minimalist nail art is easy for DIYers.

Milky manicures are the improved nude and easy to do at home. This spring manicure was seen at LoveShackFancy, Tory Burch, Ulla Johnson, and others

Jelly nails are trendy and airy. The style is easy to copy and fits every outfit. Emojis, miniature flowers, rhinestones, glitter, and more may reproduce

French manicures made a resurgence last year, and for good reason. 2023 French manicures will be thin and natural. 

I now love green nails year-round. I'm sure you'll convert once you see the simple and muted green colours you may try for your next manicure. I’m obsessed.

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