Unlikely Scary Black Cats

Bombay is a black American shorthair-Burmese hybrid. Their black coats and sparkling gold eyes make them look like small panthers, unlike other black cats with yellow or green eyes.

Maine coons are the largest domestic cat breed, measuring approximately 4 feet long with huge whiskers, paws, and facial features. “They bond with their pet parents,” 

Oriental shorthair cats chatter. These cats honk rather than meow, unlike their relatives. Their short, sleek fur is easy to maintain. They come in black, lavender, cinnamon, orange, and practically every pattern.

Persians like the spotlight because they love being pampered, but they also prefer routine and quiet. They work best with older kids, not toddlers or babies.

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Sphynxes' virtually naked look and friendliness enchant people. They might be black, tuxedo, or tortoiseshell due to their colored skin and thin downy fur.

Manx cats are from Britain's Isle of Man, a small Irish Sea island. Best known among ancient sailors and farmers for their mousing skills, you may recognize them by their tail

Japanese bobtails are playful, curious, and appreciate attention. They shed little, groom well, and are smart. They're from Japan, but cat lovers may find them in the U.S

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