Vets Say Cats Hate These 10 Things

Some cats are apprehensive with changes and dread of the unknown.

Your cat may speak a different language than you. "Cats have preferences just like people, Listen to your cat."

The stomach is particularly susceptible, so cats must be comfortable with their environment and the person to allow belly rubs.

When you cuddle or restrain a cat, you take away their power to flee. This can stress them out.

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Products to keep cats away from citrus-scented furnishings are available.

Cat owners certainly notice their kitties rub objects. They designate these spots, but occasionally the residue is nasty, so people clean it off. This annoys your cat

Nobody enjoys loud or unexpected noises, but cats find them extremely annoying. Their hearing is acute. Despite their cuteness, they are predators, and loud, unexpected noises

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