What is a cat's favorite color?

Cat eyesight differs substantially from human vision, making it an interesting topic. While humans have three color cones, cats have two.

Cats see mostly blue and green. They see reds as muted and yellows, oranges, and browns as the same. Their cones are more sensitive to short wavelengths like blues and violets

Cats only have two color cones. They see better in low light because to their extra rods. Blue and green, which stand out in dim light, may attract them.

With a larger field of vision than humans, cats may be more sensitive to movement and color. This may explain why they like toys like red balls on green carpets.

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Cats' color vision is also affected by lighting. In a warm setting, colors may appear muted. Bright, natural lighting may improve color perception.

Brighter hues like neon and fluorescent may attract cats. Bright colors may attract them and increase their hunting instincts. Because these colors are rare, your cat may like them.

They may also prefer bright, contrasting hues that trigger their hunting instincts

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