When will the El Niño impact be felt?

Warm water accumulation in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean causes El Niño, a natural climatic phenomena that impacts global weather patterns.

The main scientist of Berkeley Earth, an independent charity dedicated to climate study, Robert Rohde, believes that 2023. 

El Niño and the continued extremely warm temperatures in the seas and atmosphere. 

He said on X, the old Twitter, that "the Earth right now is far warmer than the previously measured record for this time of year." 

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"The pace and magnitude of the uptick that we've seen this year is pretty shocking, even with a growing El Niño." 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released its most recent estimates, which suggest that El Niño may affect the US in various ways depending on the region. 

A dryter than usual winter might have an impact on snowfall and the availability of water in certain parts of the Northwest, Mountain West, and Great Lakes. 

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