Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me? Not Just for Warmth

“I don't want to sound like cats are using us for body heat,”. “That's definitely a big motivator.”

"Kittens that are handled by many people and have positive experiences during that time are more likely to be comfortable with many people than those who are only handled by one."

Sometimes you just have to love your pet. If cats jump to the floor or struggle to be held in your lap, cat owners should accept their wants

Treats can teach them to jump on your lap and stay, but not always. Layering a blanket on your lap may make it more appealing, but each cat is different.

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Try to ease the adjustment. To wake them up, touch them somewhere they normally like. Stand slowly to give them time to jump.

Removing a warm lap suddenly may frighten them. They probably won't hurt themselves, but an unpleasant wakeup won't help.

Besides snoozing in your lap, cats display affection with slow blinks and sitting with their backs to you. It's crucial to watch how your cat shows its love.

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