Will cats ignore you? Knowing cats' habits and interactions

Cats mark their territories with scent. They may rub their scent glands or squirt urine. Marking is normal, but cats can use it to show dominance. 

Cats are known for being independent and may not always want human contact. Cats may appreciate cuddling and pets, but others may prefer to play alone.

Cats are often stressed by habit or environmental changes. Your cat may hide or avoid people if it's uncomfortable or afraid.

When sick or unhappy, cats may disregard their owners. If your cat is sick or hurt, it may hide from people.

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To be happy, cats require mental stimulation. Bored or overstimulated cats may act uninterested. Toys and games for cats can help with these concerns.

Cat owners can be frustrated when their pets neglect them. You may build a lifelong bond with your cat with patience and empathy.

Building trust, establishing a schedule, providing enrichment, and seeking professional aid can strengthen the cat-owner relationship and promote a happy, healthy partnership.

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