World's Most Popular Cat Breeds, Ranked

You might sit uncomfortably for hours while your favorite cat purrs on your lap or you can pet your lovable canine. Cats always evoke tremendous emotions in humans.

Cats vary, contrary to popular thought. Some breeds are better for families with young children, while others prefer quieter environments

 As amazing as cats are, getting to know them better is worth your time, especially if you want to live with one.

If you love cats and want one, check out this list of the most popular breeds to learn more about their strange and fascinating world.  

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No doubt, this cat is stunning, especially for its size. The American Bobtail's orange fur is eye-catching, but its best quality is that it's great for families.

 You can embark on road trips with it because it's loyal and loves to travel.

This sweet-tempered cat can be walked and adapts to many situations, unlike other cats. They adore humans so much they can be therapeutic cats.

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