Your Dog Misses You? A Pet Behaviorist Explains

Some dogs express their joy at their owner's presence or return with body language including tail wags and bouncy bodies.

 They may claw at their owners or cock their heads with a smiley C-shaped mouth. 

Naturally, their joy at their owner's return implies they missed them.

Dogs are social by nature. One of their traits attracts us and them to us.

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If your dog greets you at the entrance or comes from another place after hearing your arrival, it's delighted to see you and misses your company.

When you arrive, your dog may press its body against you, nuzzle your hand, or jump on you, indicating it misses your touch.

In a perfect world, owners could take their pets everywhere. Despite many dog-friendly restaurants, offices, and stores, it's not always practical to bring our pets along.

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